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Episode 12: Being a Burden to Those You Love. Excerpts from the book, Getting the Best Care.

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Episode 11: Great Resources for Legal, Medical and Caregiving Help

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Episode 10: A Broken Hip and Unrelieved Pain, A Recipe for Disaster

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Episode 9: Surgery 101 What You Need to Know

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Episode 8: How Palliative Care can be a Lifesaver & Information about Shingles.

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Episode 7: Going to the Doctor? Listen to this First!

Episode 6: The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

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Episode 5: Why Routine Cancer Screenings May Hurt You

Episode 4: Questions to Ask Before Surgery and Hospital Safety Ratings

Episode 3: The Perils and Pitfalls of Being an Older Person in the Hospital: 3 Critical Questions

Episode 2: The Miracles and Menaces of Medication

Episode 1: Getting the Best Care Book Excerpts