A Father's Day Gift for Any Time of the Year

In Episode 6 of Getting the Best Care: The Insider’s Healthcare Podcast I talk about Father’s Day and how difficult it can be to find a gift for dads. My suggestion? Have a conversation!

Every one of us has a different relationship with our dads, so obviously one size does Not fit all. But, I am assuming for the purposes of this post that you have a cordial enough relationship because you are interested in getting him a gift! Let’s face it, we all have too much STUFF, and not enough real connection with one another. So this Father’s Day, why not grab a handful of old pictures (or bust out the cell phone and start scrolling) and sit with dad asking him about his favorite memories? They can be memories about your childhood or his-anything that starts the talking and sharing. I guarantee there will be laughs and maybe even some new insights into this man who for better or worse, has played a big part in making you who you are today.

After breaking the ice with the walk down memory lane, have a conversation about a gift that would benefit you both: a Healthcare Power of Attorney (POA). Ask dad if he has one, if he doesn’t ask him to talk about it. Let him know that you want to be sure to represent his wishes the best that you can if the time comes that he cannot speak for himself. Of course, this is especially important if your father is of very advanced age, or has serious medical problems-but it is vital no matter what stage of life he is in. Even those of us who are in good health and firmly in middle age (as opposed to being a “senior citizen”) we never know when we are in the last chapter of our lives. A sudden accident or illness could put any of us in the hospital and our loved ones in the position of making decisions for us.

This is something you can do in an hour or 2. Do it together-make your Healthcare POA and help dad make his. Go online to PrepareForYourCare.org and watch some short videos. The videos will walk you through the process. This website has fill in the blank forms that you can print out and VIOLA! You both have given each other the perfect gift. PrepareForYourCare.org has forms in many different languages and are valid in each of the 50 states. So no excuses, they could not make it easier for us to take care of one another in the most important way.

So, this year, skip the gag gifts and typical tie or grill apron and reach for something meaningful. Grab those photos and talk about memories as you make new ones. Then get your Healthcare POA completed!